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Welcome to Country Story

We have just released or latest game, Country Story!

Sometimes it’s great to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside. In Country Story, you start your life in an idyllic village among friendly villagers, surrounded by lakes and forests and the sweetest fresh air.

The Mayor is the first of the villagers you’ll meet and he’s happy to help you decorate your home, tend your crops and prepare for your first harvest. And with your friends’ homes nearby you’re never far from someone who can lend a hand. Or perhaps you’re more interested in keeping animals – maybe you can tend cows for their milk, sheep for their wool, or chickens for their delicious eggs!

A big part of life in Country Story is cooperating with your friends and the other villagers. Helping someone water their crops, participating in community events and finding ingredients for baking a birthday cake for a friend are all part of day-to-day life in the village. But take care – your friends may choose to take advantage of this charming environment and try to take some of your crops – so it pays to be on your guard!

As the village grows we’ll be adding more activities, quests and areas for you to explore. You’ll soon see that there’s much more to village life than first meets the eye!

Throughout the pre-beta we’ve received excellent feedback on how to improve the game. The ideas for new features have been a great inspiration for the Country Story team, so we thank you for all your support and look forward to hearing how you enjoy life in the world of Country Story!

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I’m having issues loading Country Story, what should I do?

Make sure you have the latest version of flash installed. You can check what version you currently have here: http://playerversion.com . And can download the latest version from the Adobe website: http://www.adobe.com .

Clear your cache! (The Knowledge Base has instructions for this!) And re-start your computer!

Check that Java is enabled on your browser, for instructions on how to enable Java, check out this site: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml

Sometimes people have this issue when they have a lot of friends on their list, you can try removing some (particularly relevant if you have over 150 friends).

Check out: http://www.playfish.com/support/

Use the Support Link if all else fails!


What are the levels and rewards for levelling?

Experience Points

*Under construction*

Level 1

Level 2
60 XP
Maximum plots increased to 10, Milk

Level 3
332 XP
Maximum plots increased to 12, Roast Fish, Stamina increased to 160

Level 4
644 XP
Maximum plots increased to 14, 5 Radish Seeds, Stamina increased to 170, Unlock Green Peppers

Level 5
1092 XP
Maximum plots increased to 16, 5 Green Pepper Seeds, Stamina increased to 180

Level 6
1640 XP
Maximum plots increased to 18, Level 1 Fertilizer, Stamina increased to 190

Level 7
2296 XP
Maximum plots increased to 20, Milk, Stamina increased to 200, Unlock Corn

Level 8
3152 XP
Maximum plots increased to 22, 5 Corn Seeds, Stamina increased to 210, Unlock Chicken Wheat

Level 9
4224 XP
Maximum plots increased to 24, Level 1 Fertilizer, Stamina increased to 220

Level 10
5528 XP
Maximum plots increased to 26, 5 Carrot Seeds, Stamina increased to 230, Unlock Carrot

Level 11
7080 XP

Level 13
Unlock Yellow Pepper

Level 16
Unlock Purple Radish

Level 19
Unlock Red Pepper

Level 20
Unlock Grass

Level 22
Unlock Pea

Level 25
Unlock Eggplant

Level 28
Unlock Tomato

Level 30
Unlock Chilli

Level 32
Unlock Cucumber

Level 34
Unlock Calabash

Level 36
Unlock Coloured Chilli

Level 38
Unlock Cotton

Level 40
Unlock Pepino

Level 42
Unlock Kumquat

Level 44
Unlock Pumpkin

Level 46
Unlock Watermelon

Level 48
Unlock Strawberry

Level 50
Unlock Grape

Level 52
Unlock Sunflower

Level 54
Unlock Ginseng


What is stealing and how does it work?

Stealing, is when you go to a friend’s farm, or a friend comes to your farm, and uses the black glove to take some of the fully grown crops.

Initially, you have up to 5 grabs from each friend, and each grab can take 2 fruit/vegetables. Once you gain your stealing trophy, your available grabs will increase. Your amount of grabs available each day resets at midnight GMT.

As you are taking crops from your friend, this reduces what they are able to harvest, so there is a maximum amount that can be stolen from each fully grown crop. Once this maximum is reached, if you try and steal from that crop, you will receive a message letting you know that you need to leave some for the owner.

Also, if they have assigned a friend to look after a particular crop, you will not be able to take anything from that crop. If you try you will receive a message letting you know that that crop belongs to a friend.

You can use your friendship points to assign friends to look after your crops to protect them if you wish. Also, once you have a dog, the dog will also assist in protecting your crops.

Please remember that some people may not be keen about participating in this feature, so think before you swipe!


What do the different fertilizers do?

Fertilizers will reduce the growing time of your plants. Right now you can only buy them with Playfish Cash, and receiving them from quests, don’t know if they will add it for coins in the future or if it will stay this way.

You can find out how much time they reduce by clicking on them in the store fertilizer tab.
Level 1 Fertilizer : 2 Playfish Cash reduces grow time by 4 hrs
Level 2 Fertilizer : 4 Playfish Cash reduces grow time by 9 hrs
Level 3 Fertilizer : 6 Playfish Cash reduces grow time by 14 hrs
Level 4 Fertilizer : 8 Playfish Cash cash reduces grow time by 19 hrs
Level 5 Fertilizer : 10 Playfish Cash reduces grow time by 24 hrs


Can I move plots I’ve ploughed, decorations or animals?

You are not able to moved ploughed plots.

You can move your decorations and animals. To move your decorations, select ‘Decorate’ and then click and drag any decoration to the new location you want it. To move your animals open your storage, select your animals tab, and then it should allow you to click and drag your animals to a new location.


What is the weather system (sunshine, clouds and bars) all about?

This indicates whether it is day or night and also displays the weather. Once the little bars surrounding the weather is filled up, it will change from either day to night or night to day. Day and night changes are approximately one hour.


What are friendship points and how do they work?

Friend points indicate how friendly you are with a friend. Friend points are used when you ask a friend to help you look after your crop.

Click on the friendship icon to view your friend points.

Friend points increase when you give a present that is more than 100 coins to a friend. Take note that anything less than 100 will not be noticeable. In addition, the maximum number of friend points can only increase by 10 per day per friend. There will be no further increase even if you give more presents.

For every gift that’s worth 100 coins, you get 1 friend point. The points can be used to ensure your crops are looked after by that particular friend, and this stops other friends from stealing from you!

Tip : Items that are worth 1000 coins
10 friendship points are gained by sending an item worth 1000 coins to a friend, items worth 1000 coins are several foods and decorations. It’s better to send an item worth 1000 or as close to 1000 as you can, rather than a food item worth 2660 coins, as the sender is not obliged to return it.
100 x sticks or stones also = 10 points
so this way would be the cheapest by far

There are also quests throughout the game that require you to assign a certain amount of people to crops, or asking you to raise your points to certain amounts with friends.


What is the stamina bar for and how do I replenish stamina?

The stamina bar shows how much stamina you have left - when you do work on your farm or other players farms, you lose stamina. Once the stamina has completely depleted, you will no longer be able to work - and therefore must wait until it replenishes itself again. It takes about 6 hours to replenish stamina without food.

You can buy food at the market in order to replenish stamina more quickly, and do more work on the farm. The cost of the food varies, as does the amount of stamina that particular food replenishes.


How do I earn experience points?

Experience points are earned by doing various tasks around the farm, ranging from plowing the soil, planting seeds, watering crops and harvesting crops.

You can also gain experience points from helping out other players on their farms and by completing quests.


How do I earn coins?

You can earn coins by selling harvested crops and animal produce, and completing quests. You can find your crops and produce that you can sell in your ‘storage’ section.

(Image from the Knowledge Base.)

You can also earn some random coins when ploughing plots and watering crops.


What are sticks and stones for?

Sticks and Stones are used to build/upgrade your animals housing and other farm structure, they are also used in some quests.

You will be able to collect a total of 5 sticks and/or stones from each friend’s farm each day. When visiting a friend’s farm simply click sticks or stones to pick them up! The sticks and stones reset each day at midnight GMT.


What are animals (chicken, sheep, and cow) for?

The animals give produce which can help you earn additional income, chickens will given you eggs, sheep will give you wool and cows will give milk.

When you have an animal you will notice it will have a timer. The initial timer is the time until your animal is full grown and hence capable of producing eggs/wool/milk, the timers after this point is how long until the next produce is ready for you to collect.

You will need to feed your animals regularly to keep them growing/producing. If you feed them fully, the food should last for 22 hours until you need to feed them again. Chickens eat Chicken Wheat, and Sheep and Cows eat Grass.

Chicken Wheat and Grass are crops that if you just grow to sell, you will not make profit from, so you should grow them primarily to feed your animals!


How do I water my crops?

To water your crops, first select the blue watering can icon. To fill your watering can, select the well towards the top left corner of your farm. Then select the plots that you wish to water by clicking on them one at a time.

The watering can is used to water your own crops and those of your friends that you spot a little ‘dry’ when visiting.

You need to fill your watering can up at the well once it’s empty.

Here we can see there are several different levels of dryness to the ground.
This is because the land hasn’t been watered.
- the dark ones are moist
- the very light ones are dry
- the middle shade is in between

This images shows crops in various states.
The darker coloured ones will need to be watered once in order to become ‘normal’.

The lighter ones will need to be watered twice in order to become ‘normal’. Watering these just once will make them the same as the darker ones in this image.

1 Green Point will be given each time you water a crop that isn’t ‘normal’. You will get a point for each time you water a crop, if it needs two lots, you will get 2 points.

From looking at these images you should be able to see that there are four stages to the drying up of crops. You need to water your own crops and can also help out fellow farmers by watering their crops when necessary.

You won’t gain any green points for watering dry land without any plants or for watering crops that are already fully grown!


How do I buy and plant seeds?

Firstly, click on the seed icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Click View Shop to see what you can buy.

After buying the seeds, they will be available in your inventory. Click on the seed you want to plant.

After choosing the seed, the seed icon will now change to your chosen seed. Click on ploughed plots to start planting them.

You can check how long until you can harvest your crops at any time by selecting the white arrow icon and hovering over the crop, this will also tell you which crop it is!

You unlock new crops as you level up.