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Country Story - Regadera Coin Hack

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or Here
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 (IE and non-IE)

1) Water your plants or create a new farm plot.
2) Open your cheat engine for process list and choose internet explorer.
3) Scan 5D8B00000564840F with Hex, 8 Bytes and also read memory.
4) Scan 738B000000F6840F with Hex, 8 Bytes and also read memory.
5) Copy the results and paste it into the code generator below and click Enviar.
Note: you are able to choose 10,000 / 25,000 / 75,000 / 100,000)

6): You will see a list of code generated. Simply copy the whole chunk of code.
7 ) Go back to cheat engine > Click memory view > Select Tools > Autoassemble
8 ) Paste all the code into the Autoassemble and click execute.
9 ) Start watering your farm plots and you will receive your water trophy as well as your coins.

*Note: Water your plant once after you execute your code. Once done, save it.

Source: Patiniox Blog

Hack Fixed


Doesn't work.. o.o

after injecting the auto assembler, game runs fine until i try to water my crops, upon which the character freezes, unable to move... and the only way to get out of this, is to visit a different farm.

but this doesn't seem to different to what happened in your vid. (o.O) like what i mean to say, is that you dont show how much money you are making... because you started with the same amount, lol


This hack must use with flash 9? Can'y use with flash 10? Now the latest flash is 10 and my browser auto updated to version 10 d...


You have to save and quit every time character is frezze, and restart. You will got money.

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is this still working doesnt seem to work for me..